Treatment of erectile dysfunction with drugs

After passing the tests, the urologist will establish the degree of erectile dysfunction (weak or severe).

In severe cases, inhibitors can be prescribed – antispasmodic drugs or intrapenal injections that will help relax muscle fibers and blood vessels.

Among the popular inhibitory drugs, Cialis and Viagra are distinguished. Drinking pills without a doctor’s prescription is not recommended – the drugs may not work if the weak potency is caused by the disease, and some tablets can be addictive.

With reduced testosterone, dropsy of the testicle or varicocele, injections are made.

With inflammation of the prostate, suppositories or injections of prostaglandin are prescribed. Cialis for women

It is dangerous to buy medicine and self-medicate.

Vacuum pumps
A vacuum pump is a plastic cylinder to which a pear is attached to apply pressure.

The device stimulates blood flow to the genitals. Massage not only restores the erection, but also saturates the cavernous bodies with oxygen.

The blood that the pump drives to the organ stimulates the muscle tissue of the penis and gradually returns to its former masculine strength.

Erection rings have a good effect – the device is attached at the base of the penis, compresses it, improves blood supply, slowing down the outflow of blood, and thereby maintaining an erection.

How to restore an erection folk remedies
Ginseng root tincture

Shredded ginseng root can be bought at the pharmacy or prepared on your own.

Pour 20 g of crushed root with alcohol (0.5 L) and remove to insist for 14 days. In the cellar or in the refrigerator, you do not need to put the container, the room should be at room temperature.